Current Events

We have an exciting showcase of events lined up for Data Science & AI Week 2023. 
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Data Science & AI Week Launch - "The current and future impacts of AI on industry"

WHEN: 11:30am - 1:00pm, 8th May 2023

Data Science & AI Week (DSAIW) brings together a community of data scientists, technologists, visualisers, educators and more to raise awareness around data science, increase the uptake of data science training, projects and activity, and discuss trending topics and ideas.

To kick off DSAIW 2023 we are hosting a fantastic launch event where we'll explore with three tech experts the current and future impacts of AI on industry.

Lunch & Networking Included.



Presentation & Storytelling Skills for Tech Professionals

WHEN: 9:00am - 11:00am, 8th May 2023, 137 St Georges Tce, Perth.

Want to keep your audiences engaged whilst maintaining your train of thought during presentations?

This workshop is perfect for both junior and well-seasoned tech professionals who wish to develop their communication skills alongside persuasive content creation.

Engaging communication skills and persuasive content creation are arguably the most important parts of a good business presentation. They constitute invaluable tools that can help strengthen the messaging to your audience.



Scaling up with SEAF: Unlocking value from shared data and analytics

WHEN: 4:00pm - 5:30pm, 9th May 2023, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, Kensington

Hosted by The Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute, Western Australian Marine Science Institution and Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.

Join us as we celebrate Data Science & AI Week 2023, bringing together end users, data scientists, technologists and more, to raise awareness of the value of shared biodiversity data and analytics.

This event presents key achievements from the collaborative, digital journey and provides an overview of the proposed Shared Environmental Analytics Facility’s (SEAF) pilot project in Cockburn Sound and the next steps in developing analytical capabilities and products to unlock latent value for all stakeholders.



The Future Workplace - A STEM Education & AI Perspective

WHEN: 5:00pm - 6:30pm, 9th May 2023, Scitech.

This event is ideal for parents in these situations...

  • You want to stay updated to help your family make the best education and career choices.
  • Your child is the math & science type... you want to understand which STEM jobs are on the rise (and which jobs are fast becoming obsolete).
  • You don't have a STEM background but your child is showing very strong leaning towards STEM disciplines.
  • Your child is an all-rounder and you're trying to understand the pros & cons of a career in STEM.
  • We've assembled the best experts from government, industry and education to help you help your children plan their career.



Astronomy Data And Computing Services Showcase 2023

WHEN: 9:00am - 4:30pm, 9th May 2023, Perth CBD.

ADACS Showcase - Celebration of success and exploration of possibilities.

Held during the 2023 WA data science week, we are presenting a showcase of ADACS success stories. This is an opportunity for Australian astronomers to connect over the topics of data and software training and support.

More information on our speakers and agenda to follow.

Optional Evening Tour: Tour of the Perth Observatory - (return bus from CBD included).




WHEN: 10th & 11th May 2023, Pan Pacific.

The conference will focus on developing systems, strategies, teams, businesses, start-ups, as Secure by Design – from the inception of a team, to developing a system, to creating a cyber security strategy for your business..

Participants will work in multidisciplinary teams and apply geospatial data analysis tools and techniques to address real world problems presented by our industry partners. 



Research Networking Tea - Applications of software as service

WHEN: 11:00am - 12:00pm, 10th May 2023, Curtin University Bentley Campus.

Please join us at the Curtin Institute for Computation (CIC) for our Research Networking Tea.

The aim of this event is to foster collaboration and interdisciplinary research in the digital innovation space, including data science, high-performance computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The Research Networking Tea aids researchers in better understanding the diverse applications of data science and computation through examples given by CIC collaborators.



Innovate Australia's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Summit

WHEN: 1:30pm - 4:00pm, 10th May 2023, 125 Murray Street, Perth.

Explore the World of AI, Machine Learning, and ChatGPT. Learn and Engage with a Diverse Panel of AI Professionals and Advocates.

Embrace the future at Innovate Australia's AI Innovation Summit, an insightful free public event that connects AI enthusiasts, professionals, and experts from diverse fields. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of artificial intelligence as we explore cutting-edge developments, share ideas, and discuss the latest trends. With an expected larger turnout for this highly relevant and engaging topic, seize this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, network with like-minded individuals, and learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry, all while deepening your understanding of the ethical and social implications of AI technologies.



WADSIH - Insight Upskilling: Power BI Fundamentals Workshop

WHEN: 9:00am - 4:00pm, 11th May 2023, Insight Enterprises Level 10, 191 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000.

Insight's Power BI Fundamentals training is perfect for anyone looking to grow their Microsoft Power BI capabilities.

Led by Insight’s experienced Business Intelligence consultants, this training will provide users with the skills they need to build end-to-end interactive reporting solutions in Power BI.

Attendees will be exposed to all of the capabilities of Power BI Desktop ranging from connecting to data sources, transforming and cleansing data, creating visualisations and finally publishing of content to Power BI.



Chat GPT and AI: implications of automated decision making for the social service sector

WHEN: 10:00am - 11:00am, 11th May 2023, Online Event.

QCOSS welcomes you to our Research and Evaluation Network webinar for May. Community service staff with an interest in research and evaluation are encouraged to join this session.

Join us for an interactive webinar with guest speaker Professor Paul Henman, Chief Investigator of The ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S).

The purpose of the webinar is to engage with and explore content on:

  • An introduction to AI, machine learning, big data and automated systems used for decision-making
  • Implications and challenges for the community services sector (drawing on examples such as Robodebt)
  • A vision for the future: how social service organisations can support ethical, accountable and inclusive automation.

Come to the session with your best ChatGPT output ready to share!



Portfolio Construction with Machine Learning

WHEN: 11:00am, 11th May 2023, Online Event.

In this workshop, we will employ machine learning's k-means clustering algorithm to identify promising stocks for portfolio construction. The out-of-sample portfolio performance will be compared with standard momentum strategy and the stock market indices.


(No registration is required. Just follow the link and join the meeting).


Perth Q2 Energy Data Presentation 2023. "A Survival Guide to the Digital Transformation"

WHEN: 12:00pm - 1:30pm, 11th May 2023, Curtin University Bentley Campus.

When organisations everywhere are racing to embrace Digital Transformation, it is easy to get excited about the claimed possibilities and to overlook the fundamentals. It is also unclear what this will mean for most of us, our organisations and employment prospects. Hence it is reasonable to ponder and assess our readiness for these changes and the opportunities they may bring.

In this lecture, an experienced geoscientist offers his take on what Digital Transformation may mean, and suggests how to prepare to ride the wave and succeed. Specific topics will include the need for a reliable data inventory, pre-requisites for the integration of multiple data sets and for the rigorous quantification of uncertainty.  All these can be implemented without disruption, at low incremental cost and great potential value to all parties.
Regardless of what Digital Transformation turns out to be, some actions should be taken now rather than later to ready the organisation.  These actions all revolve around the systematic consolidation of specific data fundamentals. In the process, the people involved will also become better prepared and more valuable to their organisation.



AI: Renaissance or end of times

WHEN: 6:00pm - 8:00pm 11th May, State Library of Western Australia, 25 Francis St, Perth.

As part of WA Data Science Week PMLG are hosting an in-person open discussion on societal impacts, alignment, governance, risk and regulation of AI.

Come have your say on the current trajectory of AI development.

With the advent of large language models the world has woken up to the potential of AI, with many different voices expressing opinions both for and against regulation.

Be part of this topical interactive discussion.

Guest MC's: John Vial and Mike Clark



DUG Technology Data Centre Tour

WHEN: 11:00am - 12:00pm Daily, DUG Technology, 76 Kings Park Road, West Perth.

Summary: Guided tour of DUG's Perth Data Centre: one of the greenest and most powerful high-performance computing facilities in the world. Learn about DUG's patented DUG Cool immersion cooling technology.