Past Events

Need some inspiration for your own Data Science Week activity? 
Or just want to see what fantastic events took place in our last Data Science Week? 
DSW2019 events are highlighted below. 

Official DSW Launch: Perth

6 May 2019, 3.00pm, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, 26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA

This year’s launch event will focus on ‘Women in Data Science’ via a high-level panel discussing data science, the barriers and opportunities women in the industry face, practices to encourage diversity and emerging trends and topics in the field


Data Discovery

6 - 10 May 2019, ONLINE event

What data do you dream of discovering? Have an idea to develop, or want to build on your business capability… SPUR powered by Landgate could help make your data discovery dream come true.

SPUR is a technology and innovation data hub powered by Landgate providing access to data and expertise, coworking, funding opportunities, a commercialisation sounding board and key connections.


R-Ladies Intermediate Workshop

7 May 2019, 3pm - 5pm, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, 26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA

This workshop will give a small introduction to reproducible research. Attendees will learn how to use rmarkdown as a way of keeping track of their data cleaning and analysis. 


R-Ladies Panel and Sundowner

7 May 2019, 5pm - 7pm, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, 26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA

This event will have a mix of personal stories and advice on working in data science and STEMM, followed by time for questions and networking. Snacks and refreshments will be provided throughout.

We have invited panellists from research and industry and will announce the final line up closer to the event.


WiTWA Boardroom Series: Addressing the STEM Skills Gap

7 May 2019, 3pm, Bankwest Corporate Office 300 Murray Street Perth, WA

WITWA is excited to celebrate Data Science week with host Bankwest and explore the topic of "Addressing the STEM Skills Gap to Drive the Application of Data Science in WA”.

Rounded out by our panel of industry experts discussing the future of data science as well as ideas on how to address the shortage of STEM skills and the importance of data science to the future of Western Australia.


Data Science changing the Mining Industry

8 May 2019, 3.30pm, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, 26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA

Digital disruption is everywhere, leading to an avalanche of data that needs to be acquired, stored, curated, analysed, synthesised and ultimately translated into better decision making for humans –

How will the mining industry, traditionally a human-optimised system, be transformed by data science?


Year 10 Careers Night

8 May 2019, 5-7pm, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, 26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA

In collaboration with the Australian Computer Society (WA Chapter) and the Minerals Resources Institute of Western Australia, year 10 students have the opportunity to discover the awe-inspiring nature of science, and how to become one of the experts that are accelerating innovation in Australia.

Focusing on data science, the careers night aims to get Perth students excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by hearing from an all-star group of speakers.


Accelerating Data-Intensive Workflows with HPC

9 May 2019, 9am - 12pm, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, 26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington WA 

Workloads with simple, repetitive and short compute tasks to process large volumes of data are characterised as Data-intensive. Shared HPC resources are often optimised for scaling out compute/memory bound workloads on distributed memory platforms.

This workshop looks at the ways to use High throughput computing to accelerate Data-intensive workloads using the same HPC. 


Tableau User Group Meeting

9 May 2019, 12pm - 1.30pm, Ernst & Young Building, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 

The purpose of the Perth Tableau User Group is to share knowledge, tips & tricks, and connect with other Tableau users in the Perth area.

Whether you are a beginner, a wizard, or just curious, you are welcome to join us!

Tableau will be providing a light lunch.


Analytics in Action

9 May 2019, 5.00 - 7.00pm,         3 Forrest Place, Perth WA 6000

Join AECOM for an interactive panel discussion as we discuss how to inspire, educate and support the local data science industry.

Hear from four leading women across the data science profession as they share their career highlights, advice and lessons learned along the way. Contribute your ideas during the panel and grow your network over drinks and nibbles.


Unlock the Power of AI for Non-Coders

9 May 2019, 5.45pm - 8pm, Ernst & Young Offices, Level 5, 11 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 

A live demonstration on how to use to perform multi-classes image labelling and predictions without a single line of code. 

Following that, co-founder Sarada Lee will  discuss the recent research undertaken on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) hyperparameter optimization techniques, and their impacts on model training.


Open Data, Open Innovation

9 May 2019, 5.00-7.30pm, BASE at Flux: 191 St. Georges Tce, Perth WA 

Providing open access to industry data allows these applications to be rapidly created and refined by data scientists from a range of backgrounds, solving industry problems. In the resources and energy sectors, companies are becoming increasingly open with data for this purpose.

During this session, speakers will present some of the solutions created using this data, and how open innovation can generate new insight and catalyse growth.


Tools for Data Visualisation

10 May 2019, 10am - 12pm, The HIVE, John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Kent St, Bentley WA

Curtin Library, in conjunction with Curtin HIVE, present an overview of some of the best software tools for data visualisation, including Unity , R, Drishti and VTK/Paraview. 

Dr Andrew Woods, Manager of Curtin HIVE, will give an overview of data visualisation and why you should be using visualisation to tell your data’s story in a highly engaging way. 

Experts from various Faculties will then showcase tools you can use to tell your data's story.


AIIA WA Navigating AI Summit

10 May 2019, 11.30am - 2.30pm, Crown Perth, Astral Ballroom1, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood WA

We are entering the true age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – which some see as our salvation and others, our potential downfall.  Self-driving vehicles are now being tested around the world and are successfully travelling in space, with the rovers Spirit and Opportunity being used to collect data on Mars.

To help drive this important agenda and continue the conversation, AIIA encourages you to be part of the conversation at the 2019 AIIA Navigating AI Summit.


Digital Humanities - HASS DEVL

10 May 2019, 9am-4pm, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, 26 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington WA

Perth’s Digital Humanities Pathways event will bring together researchers, the GLAM sector, eResearch support and others to showcase a range of digital humanities research projects.

This event is a fantastic opportunity to open discussion about the future of humanities research, digital research methods, and collaborative research infrastructure.


Official DSW Launch: Canberra

6 May 2019, 5.00pm, National Convention Centre Canberra, ACT

This year’s launch event will focus on ‘Women in Data Science’ via a high-level panel discussing data science, the barriers and opportunities women in the industry face, practices to encourage diversity and emerging trends and topics in the field.


Making Earth and Environmental Science Data Accessible

6 May 2019, 9.30am - 5pm, National Convention Centre Canberra ACT

Machine-to-machine data services have become an integral part of the research, government and industry sectors, providing automated functions for the creation, access, processing and analysis of data.

The development of data-focused services is steadily increasing in Australia, across the NCRIS capabilities, CSIRO, and government agencies - all of whom are moving to more formal data publishing nd making their data findable, accessible and interoperable.


Containers in High Performance Computing

6 May 2019, 2.00pm - 5.00pm, National Convention Centre Canberra ACT

This hands-on workshop teaches containers in the context of high performance computing, in both cloud and supercomputing environments.

Containers allow applications to be bundled into a single, lightweight piece of software that provides everything needed to run them, enabling moving software and workflows between systems with minimal effort.


A Data Quality Framework for High Performance Datasets

7 May 2019, 2.00pm - 3.20pm, National Convention Centre Canberra, ACT

In the next few years, there will be a major increase in computational power - through upgraded HPC systems and further uptake of cloud-based platforms. At the same time, an enormous amount of new digital data will come on-line from many science domains.

However, the two do not simply come together, and in many cases, the data needs to be better organised to make it more tractable to process at-scale, and to make it programmatically accessible for a broader range of use-cases.


GSKY - A Scalable Geospatial Data Service

7 May 2019, 2.00pm - 3.20pm, National Convention Centre Canberra, ACT

For researchers analysing, transforming, and integrating large geospatial datasets, the traditional approach has been to either download a relevant part of data and analyse these data subsets in an ad-hoc manner, or it requires skill in batch processing large numbers of files for further analysis.

GSKY represents a new class of intelligent data services, that provides a new research capability by utilising the power real-time high performance services and big data.


The Australian Climate Science Data-Enhanced Virtual Laboratory

7 May 2019, 2pm - 3.20pm, National Convention Centre Canberra, ACT

The Australian Climate Science Data-enhanced Virtual Laboratory (DeVL) focus has been to further develop Australian data management capabilities for Australia’s contributions for the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6).

This includes: Major upgrades and improvements to data organisation of the Earth Systems Grid Federation Node at NCI; Upgraded data analysis environments at NCI;  Improved data FAIRness; and Updated user support information.


Understanding the Earth and the New FAIR Publication Requirements

7 May 2019, 4.00pm - 5.30pm, National Convention Centre Canberra, ACT

A diverse range of researchers work on ‘Understanding the Earth’: studying phenomena from the outer atmosphere to the inner core.

ARDC have published a set of online resources to help citation and unique identification of data, software and physical samples. Making more resources open and FAIR will also assist in enabling transparent research for those who work on ‘Understanding the Earth’.


Increasing Scientific Productivity through Scalable Computation & Data

8 May 2019, 1.50pm - 3.10pm, National Convention Centre Canberra, ACT

The current success of colocating of scientific datasets with HPC computational infrastructure did not happen overnight: they required a long and steady timeline requiring deepening alignment of data and compute to demonstrate the success of the approach. 

At the same time, standards for interoperability and interconnectivity between scientific fields have been slowly maturing, and in many cases transdisciplinary science is now a reality. NCI's Dr Ben Evans will discuss the journey so far and challenges ahead.


Relevant and Re-Usable: Collaboration in Education

9 May 2019, 9.00am - 12.30pm, National Convention Centre Canberra, ACT

The Australian Population clock puts us at 25,273,121. This roughly equates to one person arriving to live in Australia every 57 seconds. 

Are we as formal and informal educators effectively and purposefully mentoring and teaching our increasingly diverse user base?

This workshop explores two key themes:

1. How to make education relevant to a diverse population of learners

2. How to make educational materials that are re-usable, scalable, and sustainable